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"... The reason for the testimonial is to highlight the significant contributions you had had made during your tenure of services with us, a tenure which has spanned over 9 years ...

... Going Biometric in 2008: We have automated the major processes in all the clubs using the biometric system, the first in the fitness industry in Singapore. The biometric initiative has been implemented with great success in the area of personal training completions, group X scheduling, commission computations, and the amortization of revenue streams ...

... We have sold the Company to True Fitness and are grateful to BMS immense contributions to Planet Fitness in all the IT and system initiatives and project implementations ..."

Florence Tan
Managing Director
Planet Fitness Co. Pte Ltd

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Today, businesses are getting increasingly dependent on IT systems and network to remain relevant and drive growth in a highly competitive global economy.

Our flexible and competitively-prized IT maintenance/outsourcing packages provide an alternative to companies of incurring cost to setup an in-house IT team.

Our IT maintenance/outsourcing packages includes:

  • Pre-signed corrective maintenance hours whereby customers can utilized to troubleshoot and rectify IT-related problems

  • Regular preventive maintenance/outsourcing whereby we will station our IT professional at customer's premises on pre-agreed frequency to maintain customer's IT infrastructure network.

    During the outsourcing, our IT professional will carry out routine checks on the servers and computers to ensure optimal system performance. Examples of checks include:

      Updating Windows Security Patches for servers, desktops and notebooks;

      Resource utilization such as CPU, network bandwidth, hard disk usage, memory usage, etc;

      Network security and privileges management;

      Anti-virus, anti-spyware management;

      ... and many more

  • Project Consultancy and Management, including new system/network implementation, system migration, etc

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