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"... The reason for the testimonial is to highlight the significant contributions you had had made during your tenure of services with us, a tenure which has spanned over 9 years ...

... Going Biometric in 2008: We have automated the major processes in all the clubs using the biometric system, the first in the fitness industry in Singapore. The biometric initiative has been implemented with great success in the area of personal training completions, group X scheduling, commission computations, and the amortization of revenue streams ...

... We have sold the Company to True Fitness and are grateful to BMS immense contributions to Planet Fitness in all the IT and system initiatives and project implementations ..."

Florence Tan
Managing Director
Planet Fitness Co. Pte Ltd

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Established in 1994, BMS Computerisation Services specializes in providing IT Systems Integration and solutions to the Small and Medium Enterprises with the most current technology and products tailored to suit each company's needs and budget.

Over the years we have helped companies to increase their productive and profitability using IT technologies such as ERP, CRM, Membership Management Solution, network security, wide-area-network connectivity, video conferencing and document archiving and retrieval solution.

In addition, our flexible and competitively-prized IT outsourcing services/packages allow our customers to run their business without worrying about their IT infrastructure and needs.

Power Your Business With Innovations

In a highly competitive global economy, only businesses that innovate can ensure sustained success. They need to understand industry trends and embrace infocomm technologies at every level of their organisation. They must also develop strategies to drive growth and stay relevant.

SingTel i.Luminate shines light on innovations to help secure your business' future. This two-day event will showcase cutting-edge solutions, insights from thought-leaders, industry trends and transformational business models - which mean greater efficiencies, enhanced customer service and, most of all, sustainable growth.

With SingTel i.luminate, discover ways to differentiate and push your business further. Be enlightened by though-provoking discussions, the results of a C-level survey across Asia Pacific and a research paper on innovations. This is also your chance to network with up to 1,000 delegates and key decision-makers.

Date:     24 September 2008, 8.00 am to 6.00 pm
              25 September 2008, 10.00 am to 5.00 pm
Place:    Singapore Expo Hall 3

Visit http://www.singtel.com/iluminate08 for more information and registration.

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